How Can Navicore's Counselors Help You?


How can Navicore's counselors help you?


From basic budgeting, to debt management and housing, we can help guide you along life's financial path.


Since 1991, Navicore Solutions has been providing quality financial counseling to individuals and families in need throughout the country. When a person reaches out to Navicore Solutions, they immediately connect with an attentive and compassionate counselor who will take time to understand their concerns and offer helpful resources, guidance and recommendations. Despite the fact that Navicore Solutions assists thousands of individuals each year, so many people are still unaware that such help is available.

Here are some ways our counselors can help you:

1. Establish a budget

Whether you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck each month or you have so much money you don't know what to do with it, you NEED a budget.  Having a realistic budget of all expenses and income gives you the ability to make the best decisions with your money. If you are not sure where to begin, our certified counselors will guide you through the steps and help you establish your own personalized monthly budget.

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2. Develop savings strategies

If you do not have a saving strategy in place or have been unable to maintain a strategy, then it may be time to get some help. In addition to an emergency fund, you should also be saving for unexpected expenses and future needs and wants. Our counselors will help you determine the best savings plan based on your personal goals and objectives.

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3. Pay off debt

It can be very hard to get ahead if you are paying off debt each month and even harder if you are using credit cards to make ends meet. When you are drowning in bills it can be overwhelming, but our counselors are here to alleviate your stress by helping you determine the best approach to get out of debt based on your personal situation. There is always a solution to getting out of debt, and our counselors will help you figure the best solution for your personal situation.

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4. Understand student loans and repayment options

Perhaps you're just beginning your college career or maybe your student loans just came due. Whatever the case may be, our student loan counselors are here to offer education, guidance and resources to best serve you. Speaking with a student loan counselor will help you understand your options for borrowing and repaying student loans.

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5. Gain confidence in your housing options

Whether you are struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments or you are thinking about purchasing your first home, our housing counselors can offer guidance, advice and resources.  Becoming knowledgeable of the home buying process and being informed on your options as a homeowner will help you make the best decisions.

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Laren Lovett new smallLauren Lovett has been with Navicore Solutions for seven years serving as a Certified Credit Counselor and Grant Writer.  While in these roles, she has witnessed the positive impact that the organization's counseling services has on improving the money management skills and economic security of individuals and families in need. 



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