Personal vs. Business ExpensesFor Small Business Owners

It’s easy for your personal finances to get tangled up with your business finances. But no matter what type of business you’re running, it’s a good idea to keep your personal finances separate from those of your business. More about Business Expenses here:

Personal vs. Business Expenses
Client Curriculum - Module 1

Administración de gastos personales y de gastos comerciales
Cuaderno de trabajo del cliente - Módulo 1

Small Business Cash FlowFor Small Business Owners

Cash flow is the heart of any business and equally important as the owner’s skills, talent and passion. More about small business cash flow here:

Small Business Cash Flow
Client Curriculum - Module 2

Entender y administrar el flujo de efectivo
Cuaderno de trabajo del cliente - Módulo 2

Personal vs. Business CreditFor Small Business Owners

The separation between your personal and your business finances (income and expenses) can be tricky for small businesses, especially when you ARE the business. More about business vs personal credit here:

Personal vs. Business Credit
Client Curriculum - Module 3

Crédito personal vs. crédito comercial
Cuaderno de trabajo del cliente - Módulo 3