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Frances T. - New York
Credit Counseling

“I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the people at Navicore Solutions that have helped me along the way and helped me in an area that I am not good in. Each and every one of the people I was in contact with over the years were nothing but great, knowledgeable, understanding and caring...All of you are wonderful and Navicore Solutions is a great organization. It is comforting to know there is help out there when people are in financial need. Again, thank you.”

Roberta H. - New York
Credit Counseling

“I received the best advisement, assistance and have total faith and believe in your organization. It has enhanced my knowledge of budgeting in a positive manner. I will be forever grateful to your company and have recommended you highly to several people. You are the best!”

Douglas S. - Florida
Credit Counseling

“The Navicore counselors I talked with made important suggestions for me to consider and made perfect sense to help me eliminate my monstrous debt. I may have been just one small client to them, but they made me feel like I was important. Since I started the Debt Management Program, creditor calls and letters have been eliminated.”

Angela J. - North Carolina
Debt Management Plan

“I have been highly impressed with the helpfulness in Customer Service and Navicore Solutions’ Debt Management Program. I set up my final payment and it was a successful end to my financial difficulties. Thank you!”

Anna C. - North Carolina
Navicore Client

“I would not be where I am today without the support of Navicore Solutions...with everything I have learned in life, this has been the most valuable lesson. It’s nice to know that you have been there all the way.”

Bernetta T. - Michigan
Debt Management Plan

“I want to thank everyone who has helped me through this difficult financial problem and saved me many sleepless nights. I am nearing the end of my financial difficulty and it feels great. You and your staff of advisers have been very helpful and courteous and I would surely advise anyone that is having problems to please get in touch with you. I am forever grateful.”

Carmen B. - California
Debt Management Plan

“I am compelled to write this letter to share what a positive experience I have had with your company since the beginning which is almost five years ago. Anytime that I have been in need of calling, all of your employees have been more than courteous with me. I felt that they have taken the time to listen to the reason of my calling. I am very appreciative of how your employees have provided the most excellent customer service and have taken time, all the time, not just once in a while.”

Dave B. - Indiana
Debt Management Plan

“Today, I feel like a bird released from his cage. You deserve all the credit for staying in the program. For it was all the talks, your sincere personality, and professionalism that was the avenue that you guided me to that enables me to complete the program.”

Diane B. - New Jersey
Debt Management Plan

“I am very indebted and grateful for finding out about Navicore Solutions. I am so relieved that I am down to my last year of repayment and Navicore Solutions has lifted this immense weight off my chest. Thank you!”

J.W. - Ohio
Debt Management Plan

“I want to thank everyone who helped me while I was on the program...I would be under a man cover if it was not for Navicore Solutions helping me get out of debt. Now that I am out of debt I can enjoy the rest of my life. Navicore Solutions provided the best service I have ever received from any company. You guys are awesome!”

Katelynn -
Housing Counseling

“I was feeling helpless and like I was in a hole that I couldn’t get out of. There is now a light at the end of the tunnel that I have been traveling down for too long. Navicore has given me a second chance and peace of mind. I appreciate the counselors at Navicore. They have helped and guided me to a brighter future.”

Linda S. - Massachusetts
Debt Management Plan

“The help that we have received from you has exceeded anything we would have expected. I have worked in Customer Service for over 25 years and when a Client Service Rep is giving 100%, I can tell...we feel we have been more than fortunate to have you work with us for you actually provide more than 100%.”

Loyd O. - Oklahoma
Debt Management Plan

“I want to express my appreciation for the help I have received from the staff at Navicore Solutions. Counselors Monica, Maryann and Marcela have been so very helpful as we have just enrolled in the Navicore Solutions Debt Management Plan. These ladies have been so kind and understanding, taking time to answer questions and explain information. They have been so polite and encouraging. They all deserve a gold star for their help!”

Melissa M. - New Jersey
Debt Management Plan

“I found Navicore when I thought I had no hope. I was in credit card debt, but it wasn’t until I had a $1.29 iTunes purchase declined that I realized how bad my situation was. I learned about something called a Debt Management Plan. I was walked through the process and assessed my monthly budget with a counselor. By the end of the phone call, we had my plan set up and I began to see a way out from underneath the debt. In a little over two years, I will have paid off over $30,000 in credit card debt and will have a solid foundation to build upon!”

Patricia R. - West Virginia
Navicore Client

“To be finished with the program is a great way to start off a new year. I will now be able to start saving for a house. My credit score has gone up considerably since being in the program. Thank you for offering this service to people.”

Sean S. - Florida
Debt Management Plan

“I want to say thank you – I am more than halfway through the process of paying off my credit card debt. More importantly, my financial outlook has been forever changed. The compassion, frankness, honesty and resolve of your counselors and your program helped me create a “bottom” to my situation and I was able to avoid bankruptcy.”

Sharon W. - New York
Debt Management Plan

“Thank you for saving my life! After many months of calling creditors and avoiding harassing phone calls, I hesitantly called Navicore Solutions. It was the best decision I could have made. From the very beginning, talking with Delores who helped me set up my program, I was treated with respect and consideration. Thank you for restoring my self-worth both financially and emotionally.”

Alfred R. - New Jersey

“My wife and myself are writing this letter to you to acknowledge how much our family has appreciated all the work and time that our Mediator put into the saving of our home. Not only was Lisa so professional in her field, she was very reassuring by giving us the confidence to continue forward. She lifted so much burden from us. She always contacted us when she said she would, she always kept us updated. My wife and myself would highly recommend her services to any others who are having difficulty in saving their home. Thank you for having such diligent and caring employees.”

Amy D. - Massachusetts

“I personally want to thank you for your help. Top notch – the best I’ve had. No one has ever explained things like you did. Thanks again.”

Denise B. - Michigan

“Thanks so much for all your help. I would never have gotten through it without you. All your advice and information was so beneficial. I did receive my loan modification. Thanks so much!”

Gregory S. - Colorado

“Navicore Solutions has saved us from losing our house and I am very thankful for your help with my credit card debt. Thank you.”

Isabel M. - Florida

“Debbie had been helping me with my loan modification...there were so many times when I was just at my wit’s end and I would call Debbie and she was always so sympathetic and understanding and always willing to listen to me and to help me in any way that she could. She is very knowledgeable about what she does and so very patient with all my questions”

Pamela B. - Georgia

“She (my Housing Counselor) was not only very knowledgeable about the Making Homes Affordable legislation; she was extremely empathetic and encouraging. To be perfectly honest, if she had been demanding or judgmental, I would have probably gotten off the phone as quickly as possible...Contacting a consumer help group such as Navicore Solutions is wonderful; being helped by a person like Georgeanna is priceless.”

Aneef S. - Texas
Student Loans

“Firstly, thank you Navicore Solutions. You have played a very important part in my long journey. Without your help, my student debt and credit card debt would have completely squeezed me. Thank you for teaching me how money works, how to save, and where to spend.”

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