Outreach Initiatives How We Further Our Mission

Navicore Solutions provides workshops and educational programs to further our mission to strengthen the well-being of individuals and families through education, guidance, advocacy and support'. Here are some of our recent community outreach programs. To find an educational workshop near you see our Calendar of Events.

Community Education and Workshops

HouseNew Jersey

Epiphany House specializes in the treatment of individuals with addiction. Navicore Solutions provided workshops on budgeting and credit reports. Each participant has their credit report reviewed and are provided information as to how to dispute inaccurate information.

of Central ILIllinois

Financial counseling and education is provided to veterans who reside in Goodwill’s permanent supportive housing units.



Navicore Solutions provided information and resources for students within the African American Studies program that focus on building credit, including credit reports, credit scoring and how to dispute inaccurate information.

New Hope Integrated
Behavioral HealthNew Jersey

New Hope specializes in the treatment of individuals with mental illness, emotional difficulties and addiction. Navicore Solutions workshop leaders work alongside the adjunctive therapy team to provide financial counseling in a group counseling setting.


NJ Courts Intensive
Supervision ProgramNew Jersey

The ISP program is an intensive supervision parole program through the NJ Department of the Courts. Navicore Solutions provides workshops on a variety of topics in an effort to assist with re-entry and financial stability.


Ocean County College
Adult ProgramNew Jersey

Ocean County College Adult Program provides workforce assistance to community members 18 years or older, who receive Temporary Assistance for the Needy (TANF), welfare or other government subsidized programs. Navicore Solutions workshop leaders focus topics on how to manage finances while unemployed.


Raritan Valley
Community CollegeNew Jersey

Navicore Solutions’ Community Engagement Manager presented credit and student loan basics to students of the college. Topics included understanding credit and credit reports, how to determine whether student loans are federal or personal, various repayment options and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.



Facilitated financial literacy workshop for Food Project staff. Participants engaged in interactive discussion for maximizing income and exploring options for minimal living.


Helping Hands
Resource CenterIllinois

Helping Hands is a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to serving community members in need by providing basic necessities and education. Navicore Solutions provides basic financial education to unemployed community members. Discussions include budgeting, the importance of good credit, building savings and tenant-landlord issues.

Bailey’s Glen
CommunityNorth Carolina

Navicore Solutions workshop leaders present financial basics for retirement to Bailey’s Glen residents. Topics include how long savings will last in retirement and how to make adjustments to make the money last longer.

Spring Park
Wellness EventNorth Carolina

Navicore Solutions workshop leaders present financial basics to Spring Park residents. Topics include budgets, savings, reverse mortgage and allowance for children.

Unity Center for
Spiritual LivingNorth Carolina

UCFSL is a non-denominational, interfaith organization that honors all spiritual paths and promotes timeless principles that enable a life of joy, power and abundance. Navicore Solutions workshop leaders provide discussion on basic financial topics including budgets and expense tracking.

High SchoolNew Jersey

Navicore Solutions presents the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) Financial Literacy curriculum to summer program high school students as part of their 12 session financial literacy program. Topics include SMART goals, goal setting, needs versus wants and budgeting; meeting the NJ Education Association curriculum standards.

Social Service for
the HomelessNew Jersey

In conjunction with the Monmouth County Division of Social Services, Navicore Solutions provides rental, mortgage, utility and security deposit assistance through the Social Service for the Homeless (SSH) program in an effort to prevent homelessness in Monmouth County

United Way Financial
Success CenterNew Jersey

In collaboration with the United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Navicore Solutions workshop leaders discuss various topics in an effort to promote financial awareness and well-being within the community. Topics include Identity Theft, Child Care and Understanding Your Credit Report.