Fun And Frugal Fall Festivities


It is that time of year that comes all too quickly, the summer season is ending, and there is a chill in the evening air. It seems that summer goes by the quickest out of all of the seasons, but as summer ends, fall is right around the corner! Fall is a great time of year to partake in outdoor activities without being too hot or too cold. Check out these fun and frugal fall festivities to make the best of the fall weather!

Check out your local Pumpkin Patch
Your local pumpkin patch is a great budget friendly fall activity. Most pumpkin patches are free to enter. You will only have to pay for the pumpkin you pick and anything else you would like to purchase. There are often other activities, such as hayrides and corn mazes. These usually only cost a small fee and are totally worth it. Even if you don't plan on purchasing any pumpkins, you can be outside and soak up the fall air.
After you pick your pumpkins, spend another day carving them with your family and friends. Time spent together costs nothing and builds on your shared memories.  Display your carved pumpkins on your front stoop and you have a new frugal fall decoration.

Apple Picking
Apple picking is another great fall activity for the entire family! Depending on the apple farm, you might not have to pay to enter, or you might only have to pay for the apples you pick. Either way, this is a budget friendly outdoor fall activity. You will find some tasty local apples that you can later use in your favorite fall recipes.
Have smaller kids pick their own apples to keep them involved in the day. Once you bring the apples home, spend a day making apple recipes, such as apple pie, applesauce, or apple cider. This will be fun for the whole family and will help you stick with your fall budget.

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Visit an Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest is a fun fall activity, and there is usually no entrance fee! Of course if you want to join in on the Oktoberfest activities you will have to pay, but if you are looking for a budget friendly day out with some friends and people watching, this is it! Visiting an Oktoberfest is a great family day out, complete with authentic German food, culture, and beautiful fall weather. Check to see if there is an Oktoberfest you can visit in your area!

Host a potluck Football party
Fall means football for many families. Tickets to football games can be crazy expensive. Instead of going to game, host a potluck party at your house during the game. This way you can watch the game and still feel like you are there without paying the high ticket price. Making it a potluck ensures you're not footing the bill for all the food and beverages. Hosting a football party is a cost effective way to watch the game, have some great food, and get together with your friends.

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Check out haunted attractions in your area
Fall is most associated with Halloween and Halloween means haunted attractions. I am NOT a fan of any sort of haunted attraction, but, if you are, there are so many that pop up during the fall. Some start as early as the first week in September while the weather is still quite warm. You will have to pay an entrance fee before you enter a haunted attraction, but they are generally affordable. Visiting a haunted attraction is a frugal and fun (or scary) way to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Host a Bonfire
A bonfire is a toasty way to spend a fall night when the weather is starting to get chilly. Fall is the perfect weather for a bonfire. Have your friends over on a weekend night and enjoy a bonfire. Making s'mores is a delicious and sweet frugal activity that is enjoyed by all ages. If you own a fire pit this is a great fall activity because the fall weather is perfect for a nighttime fire. Have your guests bring their own chairs to sit around your fire pit.

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Take a fall nature walk
Fall foliage is beautiful! Take your family out for a nature walk to see the fall foliage up close. This activity is completely free and you can spend a good portion of your day doing it, making memories. To keep your kids interested, give them small bags and let them collect leaves. Task them with collecting as many different colored leaves as possible. Pack your own lunch and have a picnic halfway through your walk. Packing a picnic lunch is different and will help keep this activity even more frugal. A family hike gets you outdoors before you are cooped up inside for the winter months.

Don't let the summertime sadness get you down because fall is such a gorgeous time of year. After a summer of fun, fall is the perfect time to be more mindful of your budget with some more frugal activities. There are a plethora of frugal local fall festivities that pop up every year, so keep your eye open for what is going on in your neighborhood.

Get out there and enjoy this season!

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