Wise Words For Wealth – Congratulations Elizabeth L.


Wise Words for Wealth – Congratulations Elizabeth L.

What money advice you would you tell your younger self?

Congratulations to Elizabeth L from Duxbury, MA who gave us some great advice about setting financial (or otherwise) goals. Read her advice below.


Create goals and work towards them. Sounds easy. Sounds obvious. Right? But really do it. Make achievable steps to get to that goal. Reaching your goals doesn't just “happen.” If your goal is to save for a down payment on a house, it doesn't just come. Create a goal of how much per month you are going to save. Give yourself a budget for “extras” (coffee, a night out, etc.) and give yourself a budget for saving. Every month. Don't beat yourself up if it takes getting used to. But give yourself a step that you can do. Calculate when you will get to that down payment. ALL of your goals (financial and otherwise) are achievable, but they won't achieve themselves.

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