Navicore Solutions Teams Up With Divvy Homes To Help Renters Become Homeowners


Navicore Solutions Teams Up With Divvy Homes To Help Renters Become Homeowners


Navicore Solutions and Divvy Homes want to help you become a homeowner!


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June, 2019 — Navicore Solutions, a national leader in the field of nonprofit financial counseling, and Divvy Homes, a real estate technology platform that creates homeowners, today announced a partnership to help renters in underserved communities transition into homeownership. Navicore counselors work with Divvy customers to develop effective spending and savings strategies, increase their credit scores to help achieve sustainable homeownership and enhance their financial well-being.

With this program, Navicore Solutions Certified Housing Counselors provide education about the home buying process and promote confidence and preparation for potential homeowners. Together, Divvy Homes and Navicore Solutions aim to prepare potential customers for sustainable homeownership and help families achieve their dreams, establish financial stability and build wealth.

“Navicore Solutions and Divvy Homes share a mutual goal of helping individuals gain financial stability and build wealth,” said Diane Gray, Navicore Solutions' Vice President of Counseling and Education. “By working together, we combine our knowledge and expertise in the housing industry to help renters achieve their goal of homeownership. We are proud to be a part of Divvy's initiative and look forward to assisting them on this program that has proven to be invaluable to so many people.”

“We are thrilled to make Navicore's knowledgeable credit counselors available to Divvy users,” said Devon Youngblood, Director of Operations at Divvy Homes. “As we strive to serve 100,000 new homeowners in the next two years, we are happy to partner with like-minded organizations dedicated to helping people become more financially stable and build wealth.”

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About Divvy Homes

Divvy Homes creates homeowners. Currently available in Atlanta, GA; Memphis, TN; and Cleveland, OH, Divvy is backed by Caffeinated Capital, a16z, SciFi VC and DFJ. Divvy was incubated in Max Levchin's startup studio HVF by Adena Hefets, previously of Square and Brian Ma, previously of Zillow. With Divvy, renters select any home on the market, Divvy purchases it, and the renter builds equity credits in the home with every payment. Divvy's mission is to create a world where every person has a stake in the neighborhood and home they live in.


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Laren Lovett new smallLauren Lovett has been with Navicore Solutions for seven years serving as a Certified Credit Counselor and Grant Writer. While in these roles, she has witnessed the positive impact that the organization's counseling services has on improving the money management skills and economic security of individuals and families in need.



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