Navicore Hosts Nj Assemblywoman Angela Mcknight To Discuss Financial Education In Middle Schools


Navicore Hosts NJ Assemblywoman Angela McKnight to discuss financial education in middle schools

Financial education in New Jersey now extends beyond high school and includes middle school students


Navicore Solutions was honored to host the NJ Coalition for Financial Education (NJCFE) roundtable meeting on May 3, 2019. The featured guests were Assemblywoman Angela McKnight and NJ Department of Education Deputy Assistant Commissioner, David Greer.

The purpose of the roundtable meeting was to bring together educators, leaders in the financial literacy community and politicians to discuss the passing of the Bill A1414, which requires school districts in New Jersey to provide financial literacy education to middle school students in grades six through eight. New Jersey is only one of 17 states that require the passing of a financial education course in order to graduate high school.

Assemblywoman McKnight was a sponsor for Bill A1414. “Our kids want to learn. They have a hunger to learn. We just have to do it,” said Assemblywoman McKnight.  The team at Navicore Solutions echoes this sentiment.  “Working with children and young adults in the classroom is exhilarating. The students are excited to be learning something they know they will be using for the rest of their lives,” notes Community Engagement Manager at Navicore Solutions and Chairwoman of the NJCFE, Kim Cole. Navicore Solutions also facilitates trainings for teachers to help prepare them to teach financial literacy in the classroom as part of the new requirement.

The discussion regarding effective financial literacy in the classroom is far from over.  One of the key take aways from the roundtable is that there clearly needs to be more teacher training and support , as well as better curriculum options for middle school and high school. Assemblywoman McKnight and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Greer are very eager to hear from educators and administrators regarding the challenges they are facing with the implementation of A1414. Navicore Solutions will be hosting another roundtable meeting this summer to continue the conversation with the Assemblywoman and Deputy Assistant Commissioner.


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Kim Cole is the Community Engagement Manager for Navicore Solutions. Kim provides financial education workshops and seminars to communities. Readers can submit general questions relating to personal finance, credit scoring, debt management, student loans, home finance or bankruptcy which may be highlighted in the next month's edition. All identifying information will be kept anonymous.

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