Meet Alicia From Our Peoria Office


Meet Alicia From Our Peoria Office

Navicore is pleased to introduce Alicia, our new Community Outreach Provider in Peoria, IL


How Alicia Can Help

“I really enjoy going out and meeting people in the Peoria community to provide essential financial life skills.  These skills have a significant impact on individual financial wellness and quality of life. On any particular day, I may find myself giving workshops to members of the community experiencing homelessness, in a drug rehabilitation program, incarcerated, or having recently experienced unemployment. Other times, I may be networking with other service providers or representing Navicore Solutions at outreach events that are accessible to anyone in the general public.”

Alicia's Goals

“Financial education is a life skill that has not always been addressed in typical education settings. My goal is to make financial education more accessible to the different populations that we work with in order to empower people to make informed decisions about their financial wellness and, in doing so, improve the quality of their lives. Through outreach and networking events, I am hoping to spread the word about Navicore Solutions' services. Once community members and service providers are aware of a reputable, non-profit organization to which they can access financial education and services, consumers will be less susceptible to questionable programs, which may actually hurt their financial wellness.”

Alicia's Experience

Alicia is bilingual in English and Spanish, has a Bachelor's of Science in Special Education Teaching and is currently completing her second year of Master of Social Work Program, anticipating graduating in 2020.  She also has 4 years of special education teaching experience and  5 years' experience in case management with immigrant youth and families.

In addition, Alicia has 5 years international teaching experience in Costa Rica and Mexico, which she loved.

“On one occasion in Costa Rica, I went for an early morning walk on a beach that was a very common place for turtle nesting. I hoped I might get lucky and find some hatchlings leaving their nest to enter the water, but as I walked I realized that I was too late and all of the nests had hatched much earlier that morning. I almost turned around and headed back when I noticed two hatchlings struggling to free themselves from a fishing line. They had gotten caught while trying to make their way to the water, so I picked them up and unwrapped the fishing line from their tiny flippers and was then able to watch them finish their journey to the ocean. That was a special moment for me.”

More About Alicia

“I love being outside and enjoying nature whether hiking, playing tennis, doing photography or just having a cook out with friends and family,” says Alicia. “I have recently started taking aerial silks classes at a local studio in Peoria and it is a lot of fun.”

Lori from Linked in

Lori Stratford is the Digital Marketing Manager at Navicore Solutions. She promotes the reach of Navicore's financial education to the public through social media and blog content.

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