Lynn's Covid-19 Financial Recovery Program Success Story


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I'm a single mom of two of the most compassionate and loving daughters, both are straight A students. I've struggled to make ends meet, but have always provided for my family and strived to always help others. My kids are my life.

I got shot by accident in my foot while on my job. After two operations to repair my foot, I was fired when I filed for workman's comp and then hired an attorney. My insurance, in over a year, hasn't paid me my lost wages or medical bills. I couldn't walk for 2 months, and I had no income and was using food stamps. I struggled for 6 months between casts, a walker, and a wheelchair, attending doctor's visits and physical therapy. I was dead broke, however my landlord was very patient and understanding.

How did the Navicore Solutions housing counseling impact you?
My landlord told me about Navicore Solutions. I called and talked to a counselor and they were able to help me. I was so very stressed out, but my counselor called me back and walked me through the process to make sure I was ok. They have brought relief to me knowing that my landlord will get paid and I will continue to have a place to live.  The Navicore counselor was so reassuring and her speaking directly to my landlord was also very helpful.

Thank you Navicore! This program has been a godsend.  I'm thankful for Navicore's work and great people that still help others in this world.

This counseling was made possible by funding support from the Wells Fargo Foundation for COVID-19 Financial Recovery Program.


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