Kim Cole Speaks At St Anslem's Cardboard City To Help Educate Youth About Homelessness.


Kim Cole speaks at St Anslem's Cardboard City to help educate youth about homelessness.

Navicore continues to provide education and outreach around the issue of homelessness


Most people know that Navicore Solutions is a leader in the industry of credit and housing counseling, but did you know that Navicore Solutions also works in homeless prevention? We provide specialized financial counseling and assistance programs for homeless and eminently homeless individuals and families throughout the country.

Our Community Outreach Manager, Kim Cole had the honor to be invited as the key note speaker at St. Anselm's Church Cardboard City. A cardboard city event is an opportunity for children grades seventh through tenth to see what it is like to be homeless for a night. St. Anselm's Church is located within an affluent area of New Jersey, so many of the students have little or no exposure to homelessness.

The kids built their shelter out of pieces of cardboard boxes. They were set up in the parking lot of the church and the children were allowed few comforts. In an effort to educate the children while they experienced their night of homelessness, Kim Cole spoke about the work that she does for Navicore Solutions in homeless prevention.

Kim began the evening by speaking about Navicore Solution's work with the annual Point in Time homeless survey. The Point in Time survey is a count of homeless individuals and families in each town throughout the country. Many of the students were shocked to learn that there was a homeless tent city within a mile of their homes. Kim spoke about the programs available for the homeless and the specialized financial counseling and education that Navicore provides. The students were all extremely engaged and asked many great questions. We look forward to a new generation of financial educators and homeless advocates.


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Kim Cole is the Community Engagement Manager for Navicore Solutions. Kim provides financial education workshops and seminars to communities. Readers can submit general questions relating to personal finance, credit scoring, debt management, student loans, home finance or bankruptcy which may be highlighted in the next month's edition. All identifying information will be kept anonymous.

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