How To Throw A Sun-Kissed Summer Party On A Budget!


How to Throw a Sun-Kissed Summer Party on a Budget!

Summer is officially here! The weather is finally warm enough so that we don't have to stay cooped up inside anymore. It's time to start planning an outdoor gathering! Hosting a summer soiree at your house can be costly. Here's how you can host your friends and family this summer while on a budget.

Set a budget and stick to it

A budget is a must for your summer party. Not only do you need to set a budget, but you also need to stick with your budget. A budget will hold you accountable for your spending. If you don't have a specific spending limit, you will be more likely to just keep spending.  Setting a budget for your party will ensure that you do not go over your limit. When you find yourself wandering aimlessly down the aisles of the party store, your budget will help you realize you don't need ALL of those overpriced backyard decorations.

Make a list of mandatory party essentials

Making a list of what you absolutely need for your party is a great way to only buy what you actually need. After you make your list, search online to price out your options. It is probably not necessary to buy the pricier name brands for everything for your party. See if there is a store brand option that is cheaper. Pricing out your party essentials before you hit the store will help you stick with that budget. Use a wholesale store for items such as water and soda. You will be able to get more bang for your buck when you buy drink items at a wholesale store. Making a list of the essential items, and buying them first will help you stick within your budget. After the essentials have been purchased, then you can use the remaining budget for the fun items.

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Throw a potluck party and/or a BYOB

Making your party a potluck can help cut down on the cost of food. Food can be an enormous expense when it comes to a summer barbeque. Have your guests bring a food dish with them for the party.  Keep track of what each guest would like to bring, so there are no duplicate dishes. A potluck party is a great budget friendly idea. If you decide you want to handle the food yourself, have your guests contribute by making the party BYOB. You can have your guests bring their own alcoholic beverages. You will only have to provide non-alcoholic drink options for your guests, which will lessen the cost of your party considerably.

Don't count out the Dollar Store

The Dollar Store has some great finds for summer parties. If you are planning on only using your decorations once, then you should definitely check out the Dollar Store. Decorations are not the only useful party item you can obtain at the Dollar Store. You can also go there for paper plates, napkins and cups. These items do not have to be fancy, they just have to be functional.

Avoid elaborate themes

The idea of having a theme party might seem like a fun idea, but not necessarily when you are trying to stick to a budget. Going out of your way to buy certain items because they go with a theme can be super pricey. You will end up spending more money looking for specific items that go with your theme.  If you really want to have a theme, try sticking with a solid colors theme. It is much easier to find solid colors for less than you will find anything that goes with a certain theme.

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Keep the activities basic

Before you call the inflatable water slide place, consider smaller activities within your budget. Stick to simple activities, such as a water balloon toss, corn hole, or a watermelon eating contest. You can also ask your party guests if they have any outdoor games they would be willing to bring to your party. Consider checking out DIY websites for games you can make yourself as well.  These simple activities are super budget friendly and are also fun.

It is possible to have a summer party on a budget. With a little bit of planning, you can host your party without breaking the bank and be able to enjoy your party more knowing that you stuck to a budget and didn't put yourself into debt. Now put your bathing suit on and go have fun!

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