How To Go Green And Save Money!


How to Go Green and Save Money!

Did you know being more environmentally conscious can help save you money? It's true!  Developing ecofriendly habits is good for both the planet and your savings account!

Every small step counts.  If you try to become more conscious of your everyday behaviors and the amount of waste produced around you, you may find yourself motivated to make some changes.  Here are some steps you can take to help better the environment while savings a few bucks:

Be conscious of energy use

Most people use a significant amount of energy just going about daily routines. Take some time to recognize the energy sources you are using from various outlets. Try to minimize as much as you can by turning off lights, televisions and computers when not in use. You can also unplug household items in your home when they are turned off to save even more energy and dollars.

Bottle your own beverages

Stocking up on store bought plastic water bottles is bad for the planet and for your wallet. Save money by buying reusable water bottles and filling it up with tap water or get a filtering device in your home. If you like carbonated beverages, soda streams offer an ecofriendly way to make your own sparkling water or sodas. Making your coffee at home will surely save you money and reduce waste by not purchasing coffee in disposable paper cups.

Practice ecofriendly laundry habits

Try to always run full loads of laundry and use cold water to launder your clothes. This will help cut your utilities and reduce the amount of water and energy you are using. Be sure to always clean your lint trap to make your dryer more efficient or try avoiding dryer use altogether.  Hanging your clothes on a clothes rack to dry will bring down your energy use and your bill.

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Go paperless

Just think about how much mail you get each day that you immediately throw away.  What a waste! Companies everywhere promote going paperless because it is less wasteful and it saves them money. Many companies will offer you a discount if you opt for paperless.

Consider making eco-friendly purchases

Economically friendly products are often more expensive than products that are less ecofriendly. However, paying more upfront for an ecofriendly product will likely save you more in the long term. Solar panels and hybrid cars tend to come at a high price, but they will help lower your energy costs and save on fuel over time. The same goes for smaller purchases, such as led lightbulbs, low flow shower heads and cloth napkins, to name a few.  Look around your house to see what purchases you can start making to mutually benefit you and our environment.

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