Garage Sale Alternatives That Clear Clutter And Make Money


Garage Sale Alternatives That Clear Clutter and Make Money

These garage sale alternatives will help you declutter your house and make a few extra dollars.


Has the junk drawer in your house grown into an entire junk room while you weren't looking? If so, it might be time for you to start decluttering your house. Instead of just putting all of your junk on the curb for garbage, try selling it! There are so many ways to sell your old stuff and make a few bucks at the same time. Try one of the following ways to make money from your old stuff.


Cleaning your closet is a great place to start. There are definitely clothes in the back of your closet that are just taking up space. Find them and sell them! You can sell your old clothes to consignment stores both locally and online. You can also sell your clothes through websites such as, Poshmark and ThredUp. It is as simple as snapping a picture of your clothes and posting them on the Poshmark app. Or, order a shipping bag from ThreadUp and send them a bundle of your clothes. Selling your clothes has never been easier! Purging your closet is not only a great form of therapy and a way to declutter your house, but also a way to earn some extra cash.

Vintage Items

Are you hoarding all of your grandmother's vintage items in your garage or basement? Let's face it, you probably haven't touched that stuff since you inherited it. Take some time and go through it. You could find some great vintage items that you aren't emotionally attached to that are worth selling.

Old jewelry, dishes, and cutlery are items that, while they may not be your taste, someone else will appreciate. Do some research and find a local vintage store that will buy all of your vintage items. You can let go of the items that are collecting dust and make some money.

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Wedding Dress

If you can bear to part with your wedding dress, there are plenty of places online, such as,, and that sell second hand wedding dresses. Wedding dress storage can be bulky. Why not let your dress go and free up that storage space?

Old Cell Phones

People tend to hang onto their old smart phones just in case something happens to their current one. What about that old flip phone from ten years ago that you are still holding on to? Did you know you can sell your old phones? When you are purchasing a new phone you can trade your old one in for credit towards your new phone. You can also sell your old phones on websites such as, Gazelle and Komando. If it isn't broken, you can get some serious cash for your old cell phones that you'll realistically never use again!

CDs and DVDs

If you don't even own a CD or DVD player anymore, then why do you own CDs and DVDs? Even if you are not using your CDs and DVDs anymore someone might still be! You can sell your old CDs and DVDs through websites such as Decluttr. They'll buy your old disks and sell them for you. No need to worry about creating individual listings yourself. Or, if you are just looking to be free of them, think about donating them to your local library!

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Sporting Goods, Backyard Accessories & Old Exercise Equipment

Lots of people cram their older sports equipment in their back sheds. Think about all of the stuff you have crammed in there that you don't use anymore. It could be your kid's soccer balls and too-small bikes, or your old back yard table that you haven't used in years. Whatever it is, get rid of it if you are not using it. A great place to sell the clutter from your shed is your town Facebook Group. Post a picture of what you are selling with a suggested price and you will most likely get someone interested.

You can also sell your old exercise equipment in your local Facebook Group. How many times have you actually used that treadmill that you bought five years ago? Post a picture of it in your town Facebook Group and see if anyone is willing to buy it. This is a bulky item that takes up space, selling it will not only make you money, but also give your more space.

Electronics, Appliances & Old Furniture

This is the big stuff! Selling electronics, appliances, and furniture that you are not using anymore can make you some serious cash. These larger items can be sold on websites, such as Craigslist and Angi. Spend a little money cleaning your couch cushions and making your old furniture look clean. It will more than likely sell for a higher price.  Getting rid of old and out dated electronics, appliances, and old furniture will help make your home feel less cluttered and bring you more peace.

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Don't Want to Sell? Donate For a Tax Deduction

Don't want the stress of getting all of your things ready to sell? Donate your old stuff to a qualified tax-exempt organization and make sure you ask for a receipt. Donating and filing  the receipt can help you claim a tax deduction.  If you don't want to deal with the stress of selling your items, donating them will help you keep more of your hard earned cash at tax time, and has the added benefit of helping a less fortunate person receive items they need.

Spring cleaning isn't just dusting off your ceiling fan and deep cleaning your bathroom. De-cluttering your house is a great way to make space, reduce stress, and make money at the same time. Before you know it your house will be clutter free and you'll have a few extra dollars in your pocket.

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