Client Story: Turning Your Financial Situation Around Is Not Impossible.


Client Story: Turning your Financial Situation Around is not Impossible.

“To start at the end, thanks to this program I am excited when I see my credit card statement in the mailbox each month.” – Sean S, Florida.


I have been a client for over four years now and I am just a couple of months away from zero credit card debt and my credit score is one point away from 800. Five years ago I was in a panic, I was fresh out of a divorce, running my own business, and living well beyond my means trying to hold on to what I felt I had lost. I was spending twice what I was making and quickly went from money in the bank to maxed out credit. I was using what credit I could find to pay bills, constantly hitting “insufficient funds” fees and being told I could no longer access more debt. I was staring at a huge minimum when I contacted my largest credit card and asked for help. The representative informed me that since I had been making payments there was nothing he could do. After the irony stewed for a moment he changed my life by referring me to this program.

I was in no mind to live “debt free” or re-invent myself, I was just looking for relief. What I got was so much more. The counselor took in everything I owed and had and showed me a plan that said, pay this much for this long and it is over. So simple and it was the structure I needed. The last five years have done much to teach me about what is important in life. I went to work for others to get a steady pay check. I paid off debts to vendors. I simplified my accounting. I moved closer to family and I look at my purchases as investments. I also budget effectively and know what I need each month to cover expenses. I do have a mortgage, but it is a cash flowing rental property. I also have a used car and a used bike that total about $5k in loans. I can actually imagine a world of positive net worth. At 22 I made almost twice the income I do now (I am close to 40), but I was still accruing debt. I am very close to accomplishing something that I was resigned would never happen, I will have 0 credit card debt.

Like dieting, the culture around us does not want this outcome. We are surrounded by calls for the newest thing and how carrying debt is “normal.” I have even found friends and family that don't understand what I am doing or see how they could do it too. Our current society is based on our ever increasing consumption. This process has shown me that it does not have to be this way. Debt is ownership and I want freedom.

I cannot express how proud I am and how much my relationship with money has changed for the better. I am so glad there are programs like this available and it is a shame that more people are not aware that turning this around is not impossible. Thank you.

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