Who We Are

Navicore Solutions strengthens the well-being of individuals and families through education, guidance, advocacy and support.

Founded in Freehold, New Jersey in 1991, Navicore Solutions provides a wide range of services including: Credit Counseling to consumers in need; Education programs through workshops, courses and written material; Debt Management Plan to provide debt relief for applicable consumers; Student Loan Counseling for those struggling with student loan debt; and Housing Counseling services in the areas of pre-purchase, default and reverse mortgage.

Our agency is an advocate of financial education for the community at large and our focus is to provide these services in order to meet the needs of consumers. Our goal is to help the community and our clients achieve and maintain financial stability.


Joel Greenberg, Founder, and Executive Director
Jill Feldman, COO, and President
Todd Suler, CFO, and Treasurer
Diane Gray, Chief Program Officer
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Kelly Zambrano, Corporate Secretary
Rebecca Winters, Assistant Corporate Secretary

Governance – Board of Trustees

Chair:  Joseph H. Timko

Dennis J. Pitocco
Basil P. Katsamakis
Joel Greenberg
Deborah M. Figart, Ph.D.
William W. Lawrence
Stephen W. Freiman, Ph.D.
Roy C. Lopez
Kelly M. McGraw
Donell Young
Leslie L. McKnight, Ph.D.

Advisor: Donald R. Collins