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Training Shift: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

Available Shift: Mo, Tu, Th, Fr 9:30am-6:00pm & Wed 11:30am-8:00pm


Position Overview:   The Debt Management Program is one of the services Navicore offers to put clients on the path to becoming debt free in less than five years.  Our Customer Service Representatives are the first point of contact providing quality customer service and supporting clients in their journey to eliminate their debt and achieve financial stability.  The main aspect of the job entails responding quickly to incoming calls; effectively and efficiently gaining an understanding of the client’s needs; and initiating the mechanism to resolve the client’s question or request.

Pay rate $16.39/hour

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Answer and provide assistance to clients via telephone, email, mail and/or text.
  2. Evaluate information provided by clients and choose the best solution to resolve their needs.
  3. Demonstrate sensitivity, empathy and patience towards clients.
  4. Help administer clients’ debt management program by guiding them through the enrollment process, answering their questions, reviewing their information and communicating with their creditors.
  5. Update client information.
  6. Enter Direct Debit Changes.
  7. Register clients to use our Client Web Access portal.
  8. Generate and send documents to clients such as payment histories and waivers.
  9. Advise of payments received and disbursed.
  10. Transfer calls to Client Guidance/Credit Counseling/Bankruptcy Counseling/Housing Counseling/Student Loan Counseling as applicable.
  11. Basic change of plan updates.
  12. Verification for clients of receipt of documents.
  13. Creating inquiries for other representatives for more in-depth or urgent client requests.
  14. Process phone payments from clients.
  15. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Customer service and call center experience is required
  2. Must have ability to read and speak Spanish and English
  3. Ability to sit for an 8 hour shift using a headset to take phone calls.
  4. Good organizational and time management skills.
  5. Detail oriented.
  6. Must have a pleasant telephone voice and strong verbal communication skills.
  7. Ability to take direction and apply feedback.
  8. Ability to show compassion.

Job Description
Navicore Solutions seeks the best and expects the best. Our Certified Credit Counselors are dedicated & trained in specialized counseling under the detail-oriented industry of personal finance.
• Must be able to evaluate with proper character & compassion.
• Must be a facilitator, an advisor, a listener, and a promoter of our services.
• Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced work environment.
• Must enjoy the benefits of achieving performance standards and work objectives.
• Must be sincere and believable in our service to the community.
• Must be reliable to your work schedule & work responsibilities

Navicore Counselors help change lives for the better. Doing so requires our counselors to have a quality and performance-based mindset. Navicore Solutions is committed to helping individuals and families in need. We want talented and committed prospects to join our organization with the same commitment in mind, and to succeed by the working under the principles that keep our organization great.
As a Credit Counselor, in a call center environment, you will provide financial counseling and financial education to consumers in need via telephone or face-to-face.

Job Responsibilities
• Provide financial phone-counseling by upholding the standards of the counseling model to consumers in need.
• Heavy phone communication with consumers, client referrals and industry representatives for the purposes of providing solutions in every call
• Prepare a detailed analysis of the consumer’s situation and provide appropriate solutions as related to the consumer’s need in accordance with the counseling model.
• Contact clients, in accordance with the departments follow up procedures, and as requested by management, to discuss financial situation.
• Participate in professional development & ongoing training, as provided, on programs and services.
• Review consumer credit reports and provide information regarding the report in conjunction with counseling sessions and services, as applicable.
• Perform subsequent counseling assignments; follow up reporting and communication with clients in conjunction with the department practices, managing voicemail and email correspondence efficiently.
• Heavy phone activity. Accepting continuous inbound calls to handle consumer referrals and making outbound calls as follow-up activity.
• Ability to multi-task
Job Requirements:
• Call center experience is helpful.
• Ability to sit for an 8 hour shift using a headset to take phone calls.
• Good organizational and time management skills are essential.
• Detail-oriented, Performance driven
• Ability to accept feedback and evaluation

Shifts Available:

Mon-Thurs 2pm-10:30pm & Sat 11:30am-8pm

Mon-Thurs & Sat 10am-6:30pm

Tue-Fri 10:30am-7:00pm & Sat 9am-5:30pm

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $17.00 to $17.40 /hour


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